“ DirectNews provide an excellent service. The news content they provide is well-written, relevant and up-to-date making it a really powerful component of our online publishing strategy” - Marketing Director

First established in 2000, DirectNews is the specialist content and news division of Adfero, one of the UK’s leading online news agencies www.adfero.co.uk.

Developing from its initial base as a dedicated provider of political news, Adfero now reports on virtually every aspect of the economic and social polity. Specialising exclusively in online and digital media, Adfero has used its expertise to develop a suite of products that meet the consumer’s changing consumption of media in the digital age.

Servicing the demand for online content

During the last decade, DirectNews has witnessed phenomenal growth in the demand for digital content. As the number of digital publishing platforms has grown, from intranets to websites, through to digital signage and mobile devices, DirectNews has adjusted its offerings and writing styles to suit the precise medium concerned.

Tapping into the company’s vast newsroom infrastructure, DirectNews offers its third party publishers a wide variety of content solutions. Whether it's news articles, regular feature and reportage content, syndicated news or foreign language content, DirectNews is able to work with its online publisher clients to deliver the bespoke content solution that is best-suited to them.

All news content is supplied through a state of the art proprietary distribution system - the most sophisticated technological delivery method of its kind. On top of fast, reliable and high quality copy, DirectNews clients have access to a full suite of in-built news marketing solutions such as newsletters, user-generated comment, SMS delivery and much more.

Our Experience

For the past ten years, DirectNews has been providing clients with news-based content to publish on their digital platforms.

During that time, the reading of news online has grown to become the most popular activity on the internet. More people now rely on the web for news than they do on newspapers, and three quarters of all internet users say they search for news online each month.

As online has developed to become a mainstream news medium – accounting for over a quarter of an average person’s news consumption - DirectNews has been defining and driving the market for news feeds.