What is a DirectNews News Feed?

A DirectNews news feed contains news articles or features, regularly updated and published throughout the day on a client website. Written uniquely for individual clients, delivered by XML feed and published in full on the site, DirectNews attracts, engages and retains your online audience.

Engaging Your Target Audience

After ten years of providing tailored news feeds, DirectNews understands that, like all web content, news feeds need to be specifically tailored to their intended audiences.

Attracting that audience requires high quality, professionally-produced content that differentiates an organisation from its competitors and which directly relates to its targeted readers. We all know that web users and search engines are increasingly savvy, sophisticated and demanding, and the opportunity to utilise search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies is key to the success of any website.

As the syndication and tailored news division of Adfero, one of the country’s leading news agencies, DirectNews draws on significant editorial infrastructure and expertise to provide the most trusted and relevant news content.

Unique Experience

DirectNews articles are written by specialist Adfero journalists to an individual brief set by the client. Customers also have access to the services of a team of experienced Account Managers and online search specialists, fully-versed in established online and search marketing strategies.

DirectNews enables clients to offer interesting and dynamic news content while securing crucial website marketing and improving search engine optimisation results.

What's More

Delivered through a unique distribution system - the most sophisticated technological delivery method of its kind - customers receiving DirectNews content have access to a wide range of associated products designed to maximise their return on investment.

The full DirectNews portfolio of news marketing solutions includes newsletters, user-generated comment and news podcasts, as well as SMS and MMS delivery.

Licence Terms

We're all about maximising flexibility and driving results - DirectNews licence agreements allow organisations to publish and archive articles on your website in their entirety and free from DirectNews branding.