“The proactive account management we have received has been second to none.” - New Media Officer

“With over three quarters of major brands marketing through mobile phones, the mobile platform is an increasingly important channel for marketing activities. With a powerful and direct route to the consumer's hand, the challenge is to deliver interesting, relevant and engaging content“.

The Mobile Channel is Open

DirectNews’ mobile news solution delivers tailored headlines based on existing news feeds direct to opted-in subscribers. Tapping into the full power of MMS (Multimedia Message Service), the 'mobile reader' benefits from a ready supply of breaking news on the topics of interest to them, delivered in a user-friendly format.

Mobile Newsroom

A dedicated team within DirectNews uses its specialist experience to tailor news content specifically for the mobile medium. Whether clients want to stay abreast of interest rate decisions, learn of the latest industry developments or find out about the next trade show you're exhibiting at, DirectNews' ‘NewsforMobiles' allows you to control the news they receive.

Website Traffic from an MMS Prompt

In addition to providing a news resource which keeps your brand at the forefront of the reader's mind, the integrated nature of DirectNews’ ‘NewsforMobiles’ product allows traffic from mobile browsers to link back to the client website and associated products and services.

Technical Simplicity

The ‘NewsforMobile’ product from DirectNews is a full-solution service. Delivered through bespoke technology, web users subscribe direct from news feed articles, with the product managing all data collection, opt-in and opt-out facilities and the actual delivery of client SMS/MMS news messages, meaning you needn't worry.